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I have been in the health insurance industry since 1996, helping people make the transition to Medicare easy to understand. Everyone has different needs. Maybe you are just turning 65 or recently moved to a new county? Maybe you have Medicare and Medicaid and qualify for extra help, or maybe you are a high income earner, I can help. Please give me a call and let's chat 970-707-5522

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Medicare 101

Part A is hospital coverage with a large deductible. Part B is medical coverage that has an upfront deductible then 20% coinsurance. Medicare dose not include part D or drug coverage.

Using your Plan to its Full Potential

A lot of plans offer Gym memberships, OTC allowances, Dental & Vision Benefits each year to help you stay healthy.

Medicare Advantage vs. Supplement

Medicare Advantage (MAPD) has two main options: PPO and HMO.

The PPO is a nationwide network that does not require referrals. It also allows coverage in and out of network.

The HMO provides more coverage at lower cost, but you must stay in network.

Medicare Supplement plans

Medicare Supplement plans work as a secondary to Medicare, where the supplement plan covers the gaps in Medicare.

Extra Assistance

There are two main assistance programs besides Medicare: Medicaid and Low Income Subsidy (LIS)

Medicaid is a state funded low income based program that will help cover the Medicare premium and copays for both medical and hospital.

LIS is a federal program which helps with prescription cost and plan premiums.

Patti is terrific! She has helped me and my husband with our Medicare supplement and always provides great service. Couldn't ask for anyone better to assist with insurance. Highly recommend!!! C. L.

Always there when you need a question answered! G.M.

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My professional passion is helping people with their Medicare questions and enrollments ever since 1996. Please click on "Schedule an Appointment" and let's chat soon:) Thank you for checking out my website.

* We are an insurance agency specializing in Medicare Supplements, Part D plans and Medicare Advantage plans. We are not affiliated with the government Medicare program.